About FFI

Frontier Finance Institute (FFI) is a SZ&W Group Brand that focusing on Finance Intelligence Service. FFI integrates global financial industry experts,coalesces advanced global financial concepts and best local practices, provides comprehensive professional financial solutions including Market Dynamics and Industry Report, Global High Level Summit, Business Salon, Specialized Training, Study Visit and Project Docking, etc. FFI upholds the development idea of“ Customer Demand Driven“, cooperates with domestic and overseas financial leading enterprises and research institutions, provides customers with valuable products and services. Our series of products serves over 3500 industry executives each year and have been widely acclaimed.



澤方金融研究院(Frontier Finance Institute,FFI)是澤為資訊集團(SZ&W Group)旗下專注于金融行業信息服務的品牌,致力于打造金融創新領域的產學研平臺。我們整合全球金融業專家智庫資源,融合全球先進金融理念與中國本土最佳實踐,通過線上前 沿信息報告,線下全球化運作的系列高層論壇、商務沙龍、行業培訓、參訪考察和項目對接,提供綜合金融專業解決方案。 澤方金融秉承一切從客戶需求出發的理念,與海內外的金融領軍企業和科研機構合作,為客戶提供有價值的產品和服務。澤方金融的系列產品,每年服務超過三千五百人次行業決策層人士,受到廣泛贊譽。


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